Origins of Lamech

Lamech was actually the name of two different individuals in the Bible, one more notorious than the other, naturally. Many scholars believe rather critically that there is actually reason to believe that they are the same individual altogether. Meanwhile, other scholars are wondering why there is any need to confuse them at all, and have […]

The Curse of Cain

To understand entirely the Curse of Cain, you have to go back to the first children of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. Many people are familiar with the story of Cain and Abel, though only with Cain’s murdering Abel, not necessarily with the consequences, or at least the full consequences. Cain was Adam and […]

The Song Of The Sword

Throughout the Song of the Sword, Lamech refers to the Curse or the Mark of Cain; should anyone kill Cain, he would be avenged sevenfold. However, Lamech states before and later that he has killed a man, and that the man was young; the problem here being, that Lamech never says who he killed, and […]

The Interpretations Of Lamech’s Family

Lamech was not always considered to be some sort of villain, or accidental murderer, and generally ignorant embodiment of evil. Because of his children having been so diverse, he is regarded as a sort of culture hero. Lamech had two wives, so he had quite a few children. From his wife Adah, Lamech had the […]

Misinterpretations Of The Mark Of Cain

Stupidity is a rampant thing. Unlike ignorance, stupidity is willful, and sought out. One fine example of stupidity is that some of the early Christians interpreted the “mark” of Cain to be part of the “curse.” This supposed mark, was darkened skin. Which led to the belief that those with dark skin were “marked” by […]

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